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Essential: Keep Moving Forward

Things have come to a complete stand-still in ways that I could never have imagined. I spent my fair amount of time in denial, but when the schools closed, I could no longer deny that things were changing in a historical way. Once I saw the situation with some clarity, I realized that the majority of what was happening was out of my control and my only option was to keep moving forward.


I am so very grateful and fortunate for the position that I found myself in prior to the shutdowns. I have worked from home for the past year and a half, so I did not have to transition from a work aspect. I can never over-express my gratitude to the Universe for allowing me to weather this shift so far. Namaste.

As a small business owner however, I was perplexed. Right before the crisis came knocking on America’s door, I made the decision to go for it; to put more money and effort into my business. I successfully recruited personal investors. I spent thousands of dollars on marketing, products and materials. I scheduled events through the summer. I event thought about bringing on a part-time assistant to help things go smoothly. I was so ready to hit the gas pedal and change my life. I can almost hear the Universe laughing playfully in my ear as I write these words, because other plans were in place for me and for society.

I have never lost sight of my blessings compared to what others are going through, but I had to acknowledge my own personal disappointment. I had to wonder if I had been crazy for attempting to start this business. All of the things that I had put into place, all of the items that I had purchased, all of the investment money that I had spent seemed like foolish trinkets now. As the dates for my previously planned events passed, I felt a little bit of shame. Why would I invest so much into my little dream? I could have put those funds safely into my savings account for a rainy day (more like a hurricane in our current climate). I realized that it was okay, maybe even necessary to walk the lengths of my feelings. Although I try hard to be optimistic, I am also human, and as long as I am human, I cannot separate myself from human emotions. When I finally allowed my feelings of disappointment and shame to come into focus, it felt natural to acknowledge and accept them. I found that much like people, feelings and emotions just want to feel validated. I had briefly caused a blockage by not facing my feelings as they were, but the Universe reminded me not to lose focus on my passion by over-attending the current side-show. The Universe told me to just keep moving forward.

Pay Gratitude

I for one am extremely grateful to be alive during this time of transition. This time of intense human connection makes me excited to see how the human paradigm is changing and shifting. It is acutely ironic that human connection is happening due to social-distancing, which proves that the Universe has a gentle sense of humor attached to it’s Great and Infinite wisdom. What else would cause all races and nationalities to come together other than an intense fight for our collective survival? Things are changing, but there is no need to be afraid. Change is change.

I am grateful that teachers are getting a paid “break” from having overcrowded classrooms. There are days when my kids test my sanity to the limits. On those days, I think of the teachers who have my kids plus 20 others in their classrooms, plus disengaged parents and impossible demands from school districts. I know teachers are still working and they miss their students, but I appreciate the opportunity to know more about my kids’ learning styles along with their learning gifts and challenges. I think this will make me a better parent and partner to the school system.

I am grateful that the Earth is healing. I notice how much brighter the sun shines in my window each morning and how much easier the air is to breathe. I look at pictures from around the world showing how clean and clear and beautiful the rivers and skies are. I love to see and hear about how animals are coming out of the shadows and re-entering their kingdoms of grass and trees and clean water and community. The weight of all of our traffic and unconscious usage and consumption of everything possible has greatly reduced, allowing the Earth to balance our human existence. Namaste.

I am grateful for the opportunity to spend more time on the “little things”, which are actually pretty big things. I’ve spent hours dancing and singing and laughing with my kids lately. They are hilarious to the extent of needing their own reality show. Then we videochat everyone who will answer (even more than we did before things came to a halt) and laugh some more. I am grateful for the chance to get to know myself better, to re-dedicate myself to the things that I want to accomplish in life. I am grateful for the additional time I can spend on expanding my product line and upgrading my business practices. I am grateful for the opportunity to become more clear, more focused and more organized. Things are not always all laughter and organization; some days are a real challenge, but every day has an opportunity for increased gratitude.


I think about the suffering that many people and families are going through right now because of job loss and financial insecurity. I think about the young man that I talked to the other week who was working in the grocery store, wiping down carts without gloves because they simply did not have any available. I think about the people who are afraid to go out at all and about the people experiencing increase hunger or physical abuse because of the lockdown. It can be difficult to find the love in any of these situations. It does not seem like enough to send thoughts of love and light to others, but it is enough, it matters, and it counts. Being kind and courteous, thinking of others before over-purchasing supplies, calling to check on a neighbor or friend all count as love. Love is a rare resource that increases as it is used and given. There is never a shortage. Love is the fuel that we need to keep moving forward. Namaste.

Essential- Intention

November 7, 2018 begins a new moon.  The new moon signifies the beginning of another cycle of growth and creativity, which is the perfect time to set intentions.  Setting my own intentions for the month is essential.  I have come to discover that if I do not set my own intentions, someone or something else will do it for me.  Perhaps Audre Lorde said it best- “If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive.”

The good thing about setting intentions is that you do not need experience- you just need to do it.  I have developed a monthly ritual devoted to new moon intentions simply because it reminds me to participate in non-negotiable self-love time.  This also ensures that I get very clear about the direction and activities of my life.  It is something that I look forward to; it has become a defining part of who I am.

Setting an intention in my opinion is very different from setting a goal.  A goal just sounds harsh, business-like and demanding and there will definitely be judgement in the end.  An intention is more about co-creation.  It is about going within yourself, finding out what you need in order to learn and grow, and asking the Universe to help you create the experiences that will cultivate the desired end result.  There is no time for judgement if things do not come along exactly as planned- there are no penalties, only learning growth and love.

Here are some of the essentials for setting intentions:


  • Clear your space. Clear your physical space, mental space, emotional space and your spiritual space. Remember that this is a co-creation. Honor yourself and the universe by making room for both of you to create.
  • Connect to your soul energy.  Determine if the things that you are setting intentions for are serving your ego or your soul.  The ego is usually concerned with superficial “needs” (bigger, better, faster) wile the soul is concerned with things that bring authentic power (peace, joy, fulfillment)
  • Narrow it down to just a few items.  This is a journey, not a sprint.  Decide on the things that your soul needs most.  Dig down to the root of why you want what you want.  This should allow you to determine if you are serving your soul or your ego.
  • Write your intentions the old-fashioned way.  Pen or pencil and paper.  Pay attention to the sound and feel of the ink against the paper.  Soak in every detail.  Feel the emotions tied to what you are intending.  Trust your feelings!

Pay Gratitude:

  • Meditate.  Thank the Universe for this sacred time and space.  Ask the Universe to help you to identify and release the things that no longer serve you (this works much better than self-judgement, trust me on this one).  Spend time with yourself, and your creativity.  Remember, this time is non-negotiable!
  • Consider offering a sacrifice, such as setting one of your intentions for your community or your national leaders.   For example, “My intention is to pray for the next elected governor  of my state each night regardless of who he or she is.”


  • Trust.  Do not become entangled in the details of how everything will work out.  Focus on doing the work of the intention that you set.  Hold up your end of the co-creative bargain and let the Universe do what it needs to do.  Resist trying to look at the Universe’s paper and keep your eyes on your own work.
  • Fall in love with yourself during the process.  Remember how you used to dream of being a great photographer?  Pull out the camera and start snapping!  Take 10 minutes of your lunch break and just snap away.  It will make you happy (self-love).

I would love to hear about how you set your intentions.  Of course intentions can be set at any time; doing this once a month just reminds me to take some time and really dedicate it to myself and my creativity.  This practice has truly changed my life in ways I could have never imagined. 

Disclaimer:  Buckle up!  Your words and intentions are powerful.  I strongly suggest that you become extremely clear about what you want and why.  I cannot stress enough that you should be sure that you are operating from the soul and not the ego.  But most of all, have fun!

Until next time, Happy New Mooning!- Namaste.



Essential Her…Breathe, Pay Gratitude, Love


Welcome to my first blog post! I am super excited to get started. First let me say that I am only an expert at being myself. The things that I share here are based on my personal experiences- but somehow I believe that there are other people who have shared similar journeys.  Over the past few weeks, I have discovered the three elements that are essential to my survival- to breathe, to pay gratitude and to love.

What I’m Reading:

Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav (25th Anniversary Edition with a Study Guide)


That thing that happened recently- the break-up, the job you lost, the kid that’s in trouble yet again, the loneliness, the infidelity – breathe that thing in.  Breathe it down to the tips of your toes- feel it as it burns in your chest and unsettles your stomach.  Don’t fight the tears that threaten to tear open your eyelids; let those tears flow like a river.  Let that deep and loud cry emerge and scare the neighbors (they probably deserve it).  You will not die.  There will be snot and swollen eyes and maybe even a sore throat.  You will recover.  You are on this earth to experience an array of emotions, not just the ones that make you feel warm and fuzzy.


There is always something to be thankful for.  It may be too soon to see the bigger picture, so let’s start small.  Let’s be grateful that your chest did not literally burn open and that an upset stomach may cause you to lose a couple of pounds.  Be grateful that the neighbors probably will not call the cops because of the interesting aroma coming from their apartment that can be smelled from 50 feet away.  Finally, be grateful that you just bought a new box of tissue (who does that? I mean toilet paper or paper towels), you look hot with swollen eyes and your sore throat gives you a reason to not go to work.  There is no small gratitude.


After you have gone through whatever with whoever, just send them love and light because #1, those things are free ( I am sure that their foolishness has cost you enough) and #2, the love you send will return to you in ways that you can never even imagine.


P.S.- Don’t forget to send yourself some love and light too.



Come, return to the root of the root of your self.- RUMI