Clean & Clear Focus – Acne Skin Care System


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This All-Natural skin care system will leave your skin clean and fresh, while tackling skin challenges such as dull and uneven skin tones.  This kit is packed with nature’s powerful nutrients and calming scents.


4 oz cleanser- Choose the African Black Soap or our Coconut Soap-Based Cleanser according to your skin type.  The African Black Soap Base is recommended; Coconut Soap Base is recommended for those with sensitive skin.

2oz  Skin Toner- Our toner provides the all-natural antioxidant properties of rosewater combined with yarrow root power, a powerful astringent and anti-inflammatory.

1oz Replenishing Face Oil- Give your skin a natural boost and glow with the Focus replenishing Oil.  Replace the oil lost during washing with fresh, nurturing oils that are proven to fight inflammation, and breakouts.  (Contains:  Grapeseed, Frankincense, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Lavender and Vitamin E Oils)

1 tray (6 applications)- Face Mask Pods- Enjoy our effective face mask in the convenience of a single-serve pod tray . The Focus masks utilize the detox properties of bentonite clay combined with deep healing effects of zinc powder in a calming and restoring face mask.  Remove the dirt, make-up and environmental toxins from your face weekly and allow your beautiful skin to shine through!

1 tray (6 applications)- Turmeric & Sugar Scrub Pods-  Enjoy our effective sugar scrubs in the convenience of a single-serve pod tray.  Sugar scrubs are natural scrubbers that can help remove dry patchy skin, revealing a polished, more even skin tone.  Our scrubs are packed with powerful skin remedies that help progress your skin goals quickly and effectively.  The revitalizing scent will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered.  Remember to always follow-up with your Essential Her replenishing oil!

1oz Night Serum-  Just a dab of our licorice root extract based serum will fight to reduce the appearance of dark spots overnight as part of your complete skin care routine.



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