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Essential Her Rosewater is made of freshly distilled water and rose petals.  Rosewater can assist in soothing many skin conditions including eczema, acne and even sunburn.  I love how rosewater hydrates my locs and gives them a soft feel and fresh scent.  It also relieves itching and irritation due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties.  My rosewater is made fresh every Sunday and Thursday, therefore I ship these items every Monday and Friday.  Consider giving a bottle of rosewater as a unique gift for the holidays!



2 oz bottle of rosewater






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I love how clean and clear my skin looks when I use my black African soap- based Face and Body Wash.  I also like how I can pronounce all of the ingredients.  This wash is packed with moisturizers, which definitely comes in handy during the Winter months!


Hibiscus-Infused Hair and Body Products- Flourish, Grow, Hydrate

I have been fascinated with the Hibiscus Flower for months now.  Once I was able to extract the essence from the flower into an oil form, I decided to try it in a little bit of everything.  Because of it’s condensed form, I only needed to add a few drops to my favorite oil blend for my locs.  Coupled with my Hibiscus-Infused Rosewater, my hair feels soft and smells fresh every day.  I even use the oil blend to revitalize my eyebrows after years of waxing and threading  left them a little thin.


Sampler Gift Set

This is a perfect gift for any occasion, with gift bag included!  This set includes a 2oz Face and Body Wash, 2 oz Mango Butter-based moisturizer,  2oz Rosewater with Hibiscus and a 1oz oil blend with Hibiscus flowers.  This is a great starter kit for those wanting to use all-natural products!


Sampler Gift Set


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