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Essential-Financial Goals

I believe in setting goals because they are so important to a successful life.  Otherwise, we are just drifting along and letting things happen as they come.  Sometimes it feels good to free-style- it reminds me of being a kid in the summertime going on endless adventures.  Being exhausted from activities such as swimming in ponds, cookouts, playing with friends and  watching fireworks is exhilarating.   Eventually however, both being a kid and the summertime ends and reality kicks in, and it is  best to be prepared.


I personally have come to love setting goals, especially new moon goals.  I like setting aside time just for me, which is like finding a rare treasure considering the pace of today’s busy lifestyle.  This month I am planning to dig deeper; I am  setting financial goals for the next 5 years and setting goals to diversify my streams of income, which are important steps to fulfilling my dreams.  I am sure that many people have set financial goals, but this is a new area of growth for me.   I have also found that many women that I know fall into the same category of being less prepared financially than our male counterparts.  Being a single mom no longer works as an excuse; I have the responsibility of supporting myself and my children in the most efficient manner possible.

It’s funny how we fall into the habit of leaving our futures to paychecks,  PTO and 401k plans.  The biggest issue of working a full-time job as a sole method of income lies within the lack of freedom except on weekends and holidays (if you’re lucky).  Personal adventures and aspirations should not depend on the whims of a corporate manager who must consider the schedules of 20 other people before granting you your own freedom.  This idea seems absurd and antiquated; it is time that we take charge of our own happiness by developing a solid financial foundation that is not based on a corporate structure.

Pay Gratitude:

I am thankful to live in a time when there are so many opportunities to find and explore the treasures of life.  I am thankful for the ability to reflect upon and develop my natural talents which can generate independent streams of income.  I am also thankful for the digital information that is available at my fingertips.  There are so many inspirational and financial speakers on various social media platforms who challenge our paradigms regarding financial freedom and abundance.  I am grateful that my dreams of travel, of being more present in my community, of meeting new people and of giving my children an international education are  going to happen.


It is self-love that makes you realize that you have dreams that your soul wants to fulfill.  Remember that little girl who dreamed of living along sandy beaches and smelling the freshness of the ocean air?  What about the girl that fantasized about a summer romance in Spain?  It’s never too late to revisit the passions of life.   We deserve to experience various forms of love, such as the sound of laughter from happy  children, the love of strolling hand in hand thru a national park, the love of standing in the flow of a waterfall or the thrill of zip-lining thru the sky.

Make self-love an uncompromising goal.  This is where dreams begin.  Namaste.

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Essential- The Divine Universe

Sometimes the Universe reminds me of that extra pumped Little League Coach…she’s hyped and dammit you are about to be hyped too!  In the first 5 minutes of the first meeting, she’s calling roll, calling plays, passing out uniforms and team rosters, all while playing inspirational YouTube videos and giving out running high-fives and butt-pats.  Meanwhile, you’re 4 and a half and not even sure what sport you’re playing.


I love this about the Universe- she is our infinite source of support and motivation.  After years of living an uninspired life, I developed a loving and caring relationship with The Divine Universe.    I told  her all of my “secrets” and invited her into my life to guide me in the right direction of creative expression.

If I thought I would float away on a soft cloud of inspirational quotes, I quickly realized that this would not be the case.  My creativity is at an all-time high, so much so that I am constantly writing down ideas, then adding to them, then calling and recruiting people to help, then having video conferences and getting other people involved in their own creativity and building support systems.  It reminds me of that scene in the movie Armageddon, when they strike oil on the rig and the oil is shooting all over the place, covering the rig and the people in thick, silky black richness.

Pay gratitude:

I am grateful for my personal relationship with this Great and Divine Universe and for this new surge of creative energy.  It is not a cookie-cutter, one size fits all thing.  It is beautifully fluent; I can try new things and live a full life of curiosity and adventure and creativity.  I am not confined to one expression of creativity or one belief system.  I can study all different philosophies, I can like all different types of people and cultures.  I can keep the things that ring true and respectfully decline to let the things that do not ring true enter my system of consciousness.  I am grateful for the freedom and acceptance that the Universe provides.  I am grateful that I feel safe; that I am guided by the Universal language that we all speak; creativity, love, music, kindness, consideration, respect and free will.  I am grateful that I am guided  by the love of a zealous little-league coach who wants to see me live a full, creatively diverse and joyous life.


It is amazing how love works;  the more love you give, the more you receive.  It is impossible to out-love love, but that does not mean that I will not keep trying.  As long as my little-league Coach keeps giving me the plays to run and the equipment that I need to feed my creativity, I will continue to love.

It is my intention to squeeze every drop of love that I can from myself and spread it all over the world.  It is what I have come here to do; it is my purpose.  I want to see love win over everything.  I am a creative being with an infinite source of support- a gift that I will continue to share.  Namaste.

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I am not…I repeat…I am not a meditation guru.  I am sure that my lotus pose looks more like a dandelion in distress.  That’s the great thing about meditation-you don’t have to be an expert to get started.  You simply need to unplug.  Here is the story of my meditation:


I was forced to breathe in the fact that my life was a bit of a mess when I lost my job.  I have come to call this event my Universal rescue.  Since I chose to ignore all of the little warning signs along the way, the Divine Universe finally said enough is enough!  It took away the one area of my life where I was doing a phenomenal job at the expense of everything else.  There was no room for a romantic relationship and my children needed more mommy and less roommate.  Most of all, there was no room for me within my own life.

Once I finished crying and wallowing in self-pity, I  had to sit up and look around (in a lot of different directions), but let’s just start with my physical environment.  My beautiful apartment was buried underneath complete chaos!  Clothes were everywhere… on the floor, on the bed, in the hallway, on the couches…everywhere except where they belonged.  I slept in my bed with clothes piles, laptops (two or three), pens, pencils, shoes, papers, food, utensils, bowls and whatever else I didn’t put away.  My closet was full of clothes and shoes that were too big or too small or that I never got around to wearing at all.  On the other side of the closet were my project materials…plaster of Paris, boards, wood, pallets, paint… just stuff that I had accumulated and planned to use for projects but never got around to actually creating anything.

My health was another issue that I had to unpack.  This one was tricky because I was in great physical shape having just lost 20 pounds and my energy level was way up.  My diet was great and I exercised 5 out of 7 days of the week, yet every single month I had some type of new health crisis.  I had these crazy skin breakouts every month that created ulcers on different areas of my face and arms.  I had to have a tooth pulled due to immense pain and infection and I would get crippling pain in my back that landed me in bed for an entire day.  During these times, I also became  extremely frustrated and angry for no apparent reason.

Of course, issues of this magnitude do not happen over the course of a few weeks or even months.  Once I was forced to look at the bigger picture, I was able to see how this had been coming for years.  The only thing that I knew to do was to keep going- despite my absolute physical exhaustion and mental fatigue, despite depression and frequent suicidal thoughts, despite complete disconnection from any sustained life enjoyment, I just kept going because it was the only thing I knew to do.

People often say you have not because you ask not– but what happens to the person that is so entrenched in the everyday quick-sand of life that they do not even know what to ask for anymore?  Do you just cup your hands around your mouth, look down at them and yell “why don’t you just ask for help?”  Seriously, they are literally sinking!

Pay gratitude:

Unfortunately, sometimes we are all caught in our own personal quick-sand and forget to be compassionate to our fellow man; thankfully the Universe comes to our rescue.  I am eternally grateful for my Universal rescue- as you can see it likely saved my life.  The rescue was painful and scary, but most rescues are.  I was forced to just close my eyes and ride in the arms of the Divine Universe- and in closing my eyes I re-discovered meditation.  It is the only place to go when you’re scared and anxious and out of control.  We see it all the time when people ride rollercoasters- you’re up there now, there is nothing that you can do but close your eyes and go with it.  I returned to the source, which gives me comfort and balance.  It reconnects me to my passion and to my truth.  I am grateful for this roller-coaster ride and I have even learned to ride with my eyes opened, to take deep and cleansing breaths and to look at the beautiful scenery around me.  Soon the anxiousness turned to exhilaration- it turned into freedom and power.


I am not sure where I am on this ride, but it does not even matter.  I just proceed with love.  I have fallen in love with myself for the first time and it feels amazing.  I am discovering  my passions in life with newfound joy and energy.  My apartment is  as clean as a whistle because I love myself and I deserve to live in a clean and organized environment.  My bed is made every morning because I now honor my comfortable and warm place to rest each night.  My monthly ailments have vanished completely.  My creativity and ideas flow like rivers.

This is life- this is love.  Each day, I close my eyes and tuck myself into the safety of the Divine Universe.  I take a deep breath and I open the eyes of my soul.  This is my meditation and it is Essential.  Namaste.


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Essential- Define yourself

It is amazing how far off track “life” will take you and finding your way back is not always easy.  There are some tools that I have used over the past few months to guide my steps into the right direction.   Now, instead of constantly listening to the reel of chatter that goes on in my brain, I listen to voices of wisdom that speak positivity and creativity.  Instead of talking all of the time, I listen thru daily meditation.  Instead of scrolling Facebook, I read actual books.  I am now able to define myself, which is essential.


Defining yourself is like going on a job interview- this is the time to shine! Tell about every great thing that there is about you.  If that great thing happened 29 years ago or 29 seconds ago…it all counts.  Breathe in all of the good things that you have created- a warm and welcoming home, beautiful children, a thriving business, a flower garden, a craft project- it all matters! .  Breathe in, visualize all of the positive karma that you have shared with the universe.  Breathe in all of the things that make you smile and that make you happy.  Let that happiness settle down into every single cell of your body.  You deserve it.

Pay Gratitude:

After listening to many motivational speakers and reading a few books, I decided to define myself by describing my mind, my body and my soul.  I had to do some digging to figure out how to define my soul, so you may have to conduct some research for yourself as this was the most challenging aspect for me.  Here are some of the things that I said about each part of who I am:

  • Mind- I think of others with kind thoughts.  I am aware of my thought trends and subsequent emotional responses.  I reflect with joy and seek ways to make things better the next time.  I think about my own thoughts to determine if they are logical and truthful.  I am smart and capable of thinking on complex matters and applying them to everyday life.
  • Body- My body is strong and resilient.  My abdomen wears the badges of strength, of motherhood and of continued life.  My arms give great hugs.
  • Soul- I am a universe within a universe.  I am a creator.  Every man/woman/child’s journey is sacred and my soul seeks to facilitate the growth of others.  My soul emits love and kindness; it requires nothing in return.  It receives joy from the growth and happiness of others.


Love yourself.  You are a person deserving of kindness.  If you do not see a problem with telling someone else to lay down and take a nap for example, then you should be okay with giving yourself that same permission with no guilt attached.

When I first started my awakening journey a few months ago, I sat down and listed over 100 things that made me happy, then I started doing them.  I started reading and writing again.  I went to a concert (and made 2 new friends).  I started listening to music more, spending more time with my kids and taking walks for gratitude’s sake.  I started to realize that I am not a plug in the machine- I am not a failure and definitely not a boss.  I am a beautiful individual woman with significant contributions to make to the universe.  I am a leader by example.  I get excited when I learn something new that I can pass along to others.  Get to know yourself- define yourself.  I guarantee that you are pretty amazing!


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Sometimes (actually most of the time) I just want to write.  I have so many things that I want to talk about, opinions that I want to share and conversations that I want to have with others.  While I love social media, I think that it takes away from the fundamental qualities that I grew up with.  Does anyone  write pen and paper, snail mail letters anymore?  I write in my various journals several times a day and it just feels different- it feels as though there is a connection to something deeper and I have never been able to replicate that feeling with a keyboard.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the clicking sounds that the keyboard makes when I’m typing and I am grateful for the typing experience.  I just feel that  pen and paper writing should be reverenced in our daily experience.


I love to write.  I had no intention to write this blog entry today.  I don’t even know if anyone will ever read it.   On the chance that it reaches that one person who understands or that one person that is helped by this- worth it!


I am grateful that I love to write.  It allows me to see my manifestations and it shows me my own evolution.  I am grateful for all of my journals and all of my writing instruments, for the sound of scribbling, for the different textures of the paper, the broad lines and the narrow lines.  I am just grateful for the entire writing experience.


Challenge:  Write a letter to someone that you love and mail it to them.  Make it so sweet that the receiver’s blood sugar level goes up 20 units.  Imagine how they will feel when they first see the envelope with your name in the top corner and their name in the middle.  Feel how they are going to feel when they read those sugary words.  This is how we spread love, one small act at a time.  I would love to hear your thoughts- will you take the challenge?

Until next time- Namaste!

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Essential- Intention

November 7, 2018 begins a new moon.  The new moon signifies the beginning of another cycle of growth and creativity, which is the perfect time to set intentions.  Setting my own intentions for the month is essential.  I have come to discover that if I do not set my own intentions, someone or something else will do it for me.  Perhaps Audre Lorde said it best- “If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive.”

The good thing about setting intentions is that you do not need experience- you just need to do it.  I have developed a monthly ritual devoted to new moon intentions simply because it reminds me to participate in non-negotiable self-love time.  This also ensures that I get very clear about the direction and activities of my life.  It is something that I look forward to; it has become a defining part of who I am.

Setting an intention in my opinion is very different from setting a goal.  A goal just sounds harsh, business-like and demanding and there will definitely be judgement in the end.  An intention is more about co-creation.  It is about going within yourself, finding out what you need in order to learn and grow, and asking the Universe to help you create the experiences that will cultivate the desired end result.  There is no time for judgement if things do not come along exactly as planned- there are no penalties, only learning growth and love.

Here are some of the essentials for setting intentions:


  • Clear your space. Clear your physical space, mental space, emotional space and your spiritual space. Remember that this is a co-creation. Honor yourself and the universe by making room for both of you to create.
  • Connect to your soul energy.  Determine if the things that you are setting intentions for are serving your ego or your soul.  The ego is usually concerned with superficial “needs” (bigger, better, faster) wile the soul is concerned with things that bring authentic power (peace, joy, fulfillment)
  • Narrow it down to just a few items.  This is a journey, not a sprint.  Decide on the things that your soul needs most.  Dig down to the root of why you want what you want.  This should allow you to determine if you are serving your soul or your ego.
  • Write your intentions the old-fashioned way.  Pen or pencil and paper.  Pay attention to the sound and feel of the ink against the paper.  Soak in every detail.  Feel the emotions tied to what you are intending.  Trust your feelings!

Pay Gratitude:

  • Meditate.  Thank the Universe for this sacred time and space.  Ask the Universe to help you to identify and release the things that no longer serve you (this works much better than self-judgement, trust me on this one).  Spend time with yourself, and your creativity.  Remember, this time is non-negotiable!
  • Consider offering a sacrifice, such as setting one of your intentions for your community or your national leaders.   For example, “My intention is to pray for the next elected governor  of my state each night regardless of who he or she is.”


  • Trust.  Do not become entangled in the details of how everything will work out.  Focus on doing the work of the intention that you set.  Hold up your end of the co-creative bargain and let the Universe do what it needs to do.  Resist trying to look at the Universe’s paper and keep your eyes on your own work.
  • Fall in love with yourself during the process.  Remember how you used to dream of being a great photographer?  Pull out the camera and start snapping!  Take 10 minutes of your lunch break and just snap away.  It will make you happy (self-love).

I would love to hear about how you set your intentions.  Of course intentions can be set at any time; doing this once a month just reminds me to take some time and really dedicate it to myself and my creativity.  This practice has truly changed my life in ways I could have never imagined. 

Disclaimer:  Buckle up!  Your words and intentions are powerful.  I strongly suggest that you become extremely clear about what you want and why.  I cannot stress enough that you should be sure that you are operating from the soul and not the ego.  But most of all, have fun!

Until next time, Happy New Mooning!- Namaste.



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Essential- Teachers

Yesterday I chaperoned a field trip for my 6 year old daughter’s class.   This was a brand new experience for me and it left me with one big question-  WHY?


What would make a sane individual with unlimited possibilities choose to become a teacher?  For the span of about 4 hours, I was in charge of 4 children (one of which was my own of course) and I had about 16 mini-breakdowns and two opened-eyed naps.  Please don’t get me wrong, we had a great time and they are great kids- it’s just that their energy is endless, they ask about 30 questions per second, someone always has to use the bathroom and their shoelaces are constantly untied and dragging the ground- and this was all before we even left the school.


Teachers- I have a newfound level of reverence for what you do each day.  (Seriously, why do you guys do this everyday?)  You have taught everyone everything.  More needs to be done to support teachers.  If you are a teacher and are reading this, please leave a comment and let me know what parents can do to help.  Until then, I appreciate each of you- Thank you!

Students- I am grateful for these courageous little people who handle the daily stress that comes with going to school.  Everything seems so big!  I am only about 5’3 but I felt like a giant next to these tiny warriors yet they do their best to follow grown-up rules, stay in line, stay quiet and stay still for long periods of time.  Hats off to the students for balancing individuality and learning with stringent rules- Thank you!


My daughter could have burst completely opened with pride and joy for having her mommy with her all day yesterday.  I took the opportunity to re-classify this event from a chore to an act of gratitude to the universe for giving me such a beautiful, smart, loving and kind little girl.  I love you sweetie.  Thank you for the opportunity to see things from your point of view.

Until next time- Namaste.

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Essential Her…Breathe, Pay Gratitude, Love


Welcome to my first blog post! I am super excited to get started. First let me say that I am only an expert at being myself. The things that I share here are based on my personal experiences- but somehow I believe that there are other people who have shared similar journeys.  Over the past few weeks, I have discovered the three elements that are essential to my survival- to breathe, to pay gratitude and to love.

What I’m Reading:

Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav (25th Anniversary Edition with a Study Guide)


That thing that happened recently- the break-up, the job you lost, the kid that’s in trouble yet again, the loneliness, the infidelity – breathe that thing in.  Breathe it down to the tips of your toes- feel it as it burns in your chest and unsettles your stomach.  Don’t fight the tears that threaten to tear open your eyelids; let those tears flow like a river.  Let that deep and loud cry emerge and scare the neighbors (they probably deserve it).  You will not die.  There will be snot and swollen eyes and maybe even a sore throat.  You will recover.  You are on this earth to experience an array of emotions, not just the ones that make you feel warm and fuzzy.


There is always something to be thankful for.  It may be too soon to see the bigger picture, so let’s start small.  Let’s be grateful that your chest did not literally burn open and that an upset stomach may cause you to lose a couple of pounds.  Be grateful that the neighbors probably will not call the cops because of the interesting aroma coming from their apartment that can be smelled from 50 feet away.  Finally, be grateful that you just bought a new box of tissue (who does that? I mean toilet paper or paper towels), you look hot with swollen eyes and your sore throat gives you a reason to not go to work.  There is no small gratitude.


After you have gone through whatever with whoever, just send them love and light because #1, those things are free ( I am sure that their foolishness has cost you enough) and #2, the love you send will return to you in ways that you can never even imagine.


P.S.- Don’t forget to send yourself some love and light too.



Come, return to the root of the root of your self.- RUMI