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Essential- Malik Rashod

A month or two ago, I was doing a Pop-Up Shop in Charlotte, North Carolina. A young man approached my table, looking for a skin care regimen. The customer’s name is Malik Rashod, and He graciously invested in my Clean & Clear Skincare system. A few weeks later, I received an Instagram message from MalikContinue reading “Essential- Malik Rashod”

Essential- Know The Game (and the Players)

I watched a program yesterday that told the story of a man who commited acts that are unspeakable to most of society. Though watching television in general is out of the norm for me, I could not bring myself to stop watching (which means I was more listening while doing something else). Then I heardContinue reading “Essential- Know The Game (and the Players)”

Essential: Keep Moving Forward

Things have come to a complete stand-still in ways that I could never have imagined. I spent my fair amount of time in denial, but when the schools closed, I could no longer deny that things were changing in a historical way. Once I saw the situation with some clarity, I realized that the majorityContinue reading “Essential: Keep Moving Forward”

Essential: “What-If” Questions

On the Instagram page of Inspirational Teacher Michael Beckwith was a post that changed the course of my manifestations. It was early one morning just after my 6:20am alarm went off. I did a quick social media check and came across the post that asked a simple, powerful question: “What What-If questions have you askedContinue reading “Essential: “What-If” Questions”

Essential: Acts and Energies

One of the lessons that I continue to pursue is the quest to reduce egocentric drama.  Although I have successfully made some relationship adjustments, I often wondered how I could reassign a person’s significance in my life without judging him or her.   During a late-night meditation, the answer was revealed to me.  It isContinue reading “Essential: Acts and Energies”

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