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Essential- Malik Rashod

A month or two ago, I was doing a Pop-Up Shop in Charlotte, North Carolina. A young man approached my table, looking for a skin care regimen. The customer’s name is Malik Rashod, and He graciously invested in my Clean & Clear Skincare system.

A few weeks later, I received an Instagram message from Malik stating how much he loved the products and how much of a difference it made in his skin. I am always humbled and honored by these messages, however Malik just had a special vibe about himself. A few days later, I messaged him and asked if he would be interested in working with me, and he said absolutely!

Malik agreed to be my brand ambassador, and I was thrilled! There is one thing about Malik that I will never forget.

I asked him to think about his conditions for being a brand ambassador for Essential Her. He slept on it and came back with one request- that his customers receive a discount. That was it. He did not ask for anything for himself, only his customers. It gives me chills to think about how selfless his response was. Not one single request for his own discounts (which I will gladly give him anyway) or any special perks. If we had more Maliks in this world, I am convinced that we would all live happily ever after.

So, here he is- smart, talented, motivated and caring- and Essential Her’s Brand New Brand Ambassador- Malik Rashod! Please follow Malik on IG @MalikRashod and on YouTube Malik Rashod Reviews+Reactions+More. He has great deals and goodies to share!

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Text EH to 803-590-6661 and opt in for 15% off
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