Essential: “What-If” Questions

On the Instagram page of Inspirational Teacher Michael Beckwith was a post that changed the course of my manifestations. It was early one morning just after my 6:20am alarm went off. I did a quick social media check and came across the post that asked a simple, powerful question: “What What-If questions have you asked yourself lately? “. I contemplate this question almost every day now. Challenging myself to dream big has faithfully paid off.


This particular morning when I saw the post from Teacher Michael Beckwith, I was thinking about ways to make things better or move faster. I wanted a way to tell how things were manifesting for me in the Spiritual realm. Did anyone even use the samples that I sent? Do they read my posts and messages? Are my products making a difference to anyone?

This simple post on Instagram challenged me to ask a different question. Instead of obsessing over the past with “did they” questions, why not empower myself and my vision with “what if” questions?

So, that is exactly what I did. I began training myself to ask more “what if”(empowering) questions and less “did they” (obsessive) questions. There is no benefit and no glory in obsessing over the past, but there is greatness in living in the present while imagining a brighter future.

The thing that I love about what-if questions is that they automatically draw you in to the vision. If you were to close your eyes right now and ask yourself “What if I could take a vacation this summer?”, your mind will start to formulate a picture of you in the vacation getaway of your dreams, living with total happiness and freedom. There is no place in a “what-if” fantasy for limitations or suffering. The other thing that I love, is that you dream bigger and bolder within a “what-if”, sub-conscious vision than you do in the ego generated conscious vision. The what-if question is like a secret button to automatically start the manifestation process. I am learning to trust it; to fall backwards into the newly forming reality with trust, love and gratitude. The first time that I intentionally asked myself a what-if question, I was surprised by how quickly the vision manifested. It was something simple, like “what if I could have a day off soon?”. I entered the vision of myself getting organized, catching up on tasks, maybe even taking a nap in the middle of the day for absolutely no reason. Within a day or two came a reminder email that our company was closed for President’s day. Lucky strike I figured. Soon the effects of my what-if questions could not be denied. I asked myself “What if I had the money to upgrade to a Business Site so that I could properly display and offer my products for purchase?” The money very soon appeared from a source that I could not have imagined. It is like the “what-if” question is some sort of secret button that automatically starts manifesting the desires of my soul. It is such now that I know the support for my passion is being manifested within every second of every day. There are so many signs along the way, so many nudges and clues from the Universe that it has my undivided attention, and I am a willing and obedient student.

Pay Gratitude

Once I realized that I have the power to manifest the life of my dreams, I find moments of gratefulness even when things are extremely hard. It must be a part of the automatic manifestation system, because it just happens. Whenever the focus is on the low-vibration (self-pity, anger, frustration, etc), the higher vibration chimes in (thankfulness, service, happiness). One day I thought about how it would be nice to have a few updated appliances to make it a little easier to make my products; almost instantly I heard, “but I am thankful that I am able to make them at all”. I thought about how far I had come from this time last year, about how much my process and my products have evolved and how much I enjoyed the time I spent making things for people. It took some time for me to learn to shift focus to the high-vibration, and sometimes it takes a bit longer than others, but I am grateful that I am getting the picture a little more each day.


I really love making products that make people feel better. I love getting the text, or the call or the instant message saying I helped someone. I’ve heard that those things are not supposed to effect us, but sometimes I indulge. It feels like a little burst of heaven when something that I made has touched another life, and I like it. I could live lifetimes from that rich, concentrated feeling of joy and human connection. It makes me want to make things even better. It makes the wait for full manifestation bearable, because there is no wait- the journey is the real treasure, and it is littered with diamonds and gems. When you are doing what you love and concentrating on your passion, the Universe has no choice but to support you in all ways possible. Your passion is needed; it is required to promote Universal healing. “What if I had the support that I need” turns into support, and it does so quickly, because your presence and your talents are needed to heal humanity. When you are about your business that comes from a place of love and obedience, you are supported by the Universe.


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