Essential: Acts and Energies

One of the lessons that I continue to pursue is the quest to reduce egocentric drama.  Although I have successfully made some relationship adjustments, I often wondered how I could reassign a person’s significance in my life without judging him or her.   During a late-night meditation, the answer was revealed to me.  It is all about alignment.

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The word alignment is one of those words that used to cause me to roll my eyes because it seems to be everywhere.   I try very hard not to fall into the traps of the overused and trending sections of societal beliefs, but I thought maybe this word alignment has real roots and value.  I recently finished reading a book called “The Vortex” by Esther and Jerry Hicks, and the text definitely filled some gaps in my personal understanding regarding the importance of alignment.

I recently made a decision in a matter of minutes that would have probably taken me months or even years in the past.  I felt good about the decision; it felt right and I felt lighter once it was made.  The fact is that the situation was no longer working for me, and I made the decision to put myself and my well-being first without a second thought.  I did contemplate it later, just to be sure that I received the lesson that was intended from this particular situation.  I wanted to look for signs of my ego and one of it’s more infamous tools- judgement.  The answer that I received from The Divine Universe was this:  “There is a difference between an Act and an Energy.  You know the difference!”

Pay Gratitude:

The truth is, I have always known the difference, even if I did not put that knowledge into action.  Knowing the difference between someone’s Act and their Energy but neglecting to put that knowledge into action on behalf of one’s own benefit can lead to years of complacency and suffering.  For example, if your boyfriend, who is loving and kind 29 out of 30 days every month, says an unkind word to a waiter on day 30 of month 11, that is probably a regrettable act.  He probably feels horrible, apologizes immensely  and then tips the poor guy 30%.  If your boyfriend is loving and kind 29 minutes out of every 24 hours and is impatient and coarse the remainder of the time, that is likely an energy.  He may have gone through 3 or 4 girlfriends this year who know the difference and acted upon it accordingly, or he may have 1 girlfriend who knows the difference but is not aligned with herself enough to act accordingly.  This girlfriend may endure some needless suffering indeed.  Don’t be this girlfriend.

When the Divine and Infinite Energy reminded me that I knew the difference between an act and an energy, I was grateful beyond words for having the self-love to take action on that knowledge.  There was a time when I did not value myself enough to act.  There was a time when the physical and emotional red flags of mis-alignment nearly killed me, but my need to please others was apparently stronger than my will to live.  Instead of listening to the wisdom of Spirit, I hopped on the emotional wave of my ego and was swept away to a destination that I had no desire to visit and stayed way longer than I ever wanted.

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I have noticed  that when I am acting upon Spiritual guidance, a small act such as a change in my thought pattern, a walk outside, a deep breath, or just saying “no” is all that is required.  The ego on the other hand likes to flail about and display acts that draw attention from all corners of the earth.  This is how I now know the difference between judging someone versus mis-alignment.  When I judge someone, it usually results in things like anger, confusion and gossip, and physical symptoms such as increased heartrate.  When I am mis-aligned  with someone, it usually results in me saying “no” to their invitation to change my vibration to one that does not serve me.  The act of correcting my mis-alignment feels good and I feel at peace.  I even feel grateful and  excited to see what is next.



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The other thing that I am grateful for is that Love conquers all.  Even when things are difficult and when energies are off, it is all part of the plan to bring us all into alignment.  All things that are done in the Spirit of love serves a purpose even when it feels uncomfortable.  We are strong enough to ride the wave of emotion without becoming attached to those emotions.   There is no real separation between any of us, only re-alignment, purpose fulfillment and journey progression.  Namaste.



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