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I started my own business about a month ago.  I help small business owners manage their day to day business tasks. I help with sending emails, managing social media pages, and scheduling just to name a few.  Whatever they need, I am here to assist.

One of my clients requested help with coordinating some of  the events that she has been unable to complete due to her busy schedule.  It is exhilarating  to be a part of everything and to see it all come together, but I hit a mental obstacle the day of the first event that I coordinated.  After all of the outreaching, coordinating, posting and promoting, what if no one actually attended?

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Part of me felt confident in the work that I had done, but another part of me was in a small panic.  I resolved to the fact that I did my absolute best while I waited for the call saying the event was a disaster.  Thankfully that call never came, but I did receive a message from the Universe.  I guess it was my ego that wanted the place to be standing room only with people fighting to get into the building.  I felt a little sad inside thinking that it might not be that way, but the Universe had a different message for me.  The message was- it only takes one.

It only takes one person to change everything.  Would I have rather had 100 of the wrong people to show up or the 1 right person?  It reminded me to be grateful for the individuals instead of the crowd.  It reminded me to stay in the moment and to appreciate everything and everyone and to resist the hype of my ego.  So indeed, I learned something profound, and I paid gratitude for every person in attendance.

Pay Gratitude:

During the process of starting my business, I realized that the journey to  Essential Her started it all.  I thought about giving up the blog and the whole idea of what I wanted Essential Her to become, but again the Universe stepped in and showed me how to revitalize what I started.  The Universe showed me that the time lapses when I was not active were part of the journey.  Indeed, it showed me that although I may not get a lot of traffic, it only takes one.  Maybe there is one person who will read one of my blog entries and connect with the message.  Maybe one person will re-invest in themselves as I did, or think about things differently than they did yesterday.   I am grateful that the message came through just for me, and that I listened.

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I love my new path.  I learn something new about myself and my community every single day.  If I am not working on a project or developing my product line, I am reading or listening to something motivational or laughing with my kids.  These things seem simple, but the value that they add to my life is priceless.  I am learning to live in the moment, to resist the stories that my mind creates about how far-fetched this whole thing is, and to realize that every single moment is valuable.  If indeed journey is the destination, then I made it.  Namaste.

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