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There seem to be countless upon endless inspirational speakers all over social media.  You can tumble down the rabbit hole of “you can do it” videos on the tube, never to be seen or heard from again.  I have watched them…lots of them.  At one point, I even thought I wanted to be one of them, to represent a different type of inspiration from a different point of view (and still, you never know).  You can imagine my surprise when my greatest sources of inspiration were two people who were not shouting into microphones or selling a three-part dvd series; they were just living their lives authentically.

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As you may be able to tell from the *ahem* sketchy consistency of my blogging, I may have temporarily lost my motivation.  I had a ton of great ideas and projects that I wanted to put into play, however I usually found myself lying around playing candy crush or some other mind-numbing activity.  It was as if the connection between my brain and my body was severed, which happens to be one of the side-effects of not taking my anti-depressants for 6 months.  So the first step was to attempt to return to humanity by getting my brain chemicals back on track.  After a few weeks, I found the drive to do something about all of the ways I wanted to change and improve my life.  Not that sitting in front of a computer all day repeating the same soul-draining tasks is a bad thing, however I just want a little more life in my life.

Pay Gratitude:

The Universe has this way of bringing people into your life who mirror a part of who you are and who you could be at the precisely right time.  The person who inspired me the most  during this transitional time did not enter my life in a grand fashion; there was no long stare across the room or instant moment of “knowing”.  It was quiet, like when you’re waiting to see the doctor for 40 minutes and finally he knocks softly and comes right in (knocking of course is just a formality).  This person did not come in quoting great philosophies or regurgitating rhythmic clichés.  In fact, they were shocked when I told them that I admired them.  They had the courage to go against the  status quo 9-5, 2 fifteen minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch lifestyle.  They took the risk to start their own business, to make their own hours, to go on vacation without the dreaded time-off request battle.  (Seriously, why do we have to ask permission to take time off from our own lives?)  I am forever grateful to the Universe for bringing us together, and to my friend for living authentically and out loud.  Namaste.

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I was not nearly as close to the second person who inspired me, but like my dear friend she too seemed to lived life on her own terms; she dressed authentically and wore her hair and jewelry in a way that represented her culture and beliefs.  One of the things that I loved the most when I first started working from home was the freedom to wear whatever I wanted and not having to cover my body art.  It’s like having layers (or letting your layers show I should say) is looked down upon in mainstream society.  To see this successful female minority  business owner paving her own way was the final straw.  I was looking at what I wanted to be, and I was kind of over not being that.  Again to the Divine Universe and to this brave trailblazer, Thank you, Namaste.


I re-evaluated and updated all of the soul-searching and growth that I have done over the past year and realized that even though I fell apart a little, there were still some pretty good pieces to work with.  I took the parts of Corporate America that I loved and started my own business earlier this month, and I signed my first paying client within a week.  I then realized that there are so many other things that I love, and that I can do most of them like, right now.  I am nervous and some days I wonder if I really have what it takes, but I love that too.  If I’m going to be nervous, why not be nervous about something that could change my life and give myself and my family a better future?   Why not be nervous on my own behalf instead of the behalf of fickle supervisors and companies?  So here I am, standing in front of an opened door that I have never approached, ready to start a new love and a fresh live on my own terms while I still have time within the Earth School.  Stay tuned (and wish me luck!)   BUSINESSLOVESART.COM


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