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Essential- Money Consciousness

When I was without a steady source of income, I had to re-evaluate my life’s essentials (hence the name Essential Her).  The perception of lack of financial resources will trick you into looking outside of yourself  for the answers if you are not careful.  It will trick you into things like getting a second job (that you probably don’t want) or going into business for the wrong reasons.

Of course money is necessary for survival in our world, but often we look to the physical manifestation of financial abundance (dollar bills, debit cards, etc.) as the source of our problems instead of examining the lack that lives within our own souls.  I discovered that there were many things that I had incorporated into my lifestyle that were just fillers.  These fillers were attempts to satisfy the empty spaces in my soul.  They obviously were not working, otherwise I would not have been so emotionally and financially empty.


Many of the things that I did, utilized, even purchased were out of sheer adherence to old paradigms, and paradigms are always tied to finances.  For an example, I now realize that my grocery shopping paradigms (beliefs) manifested in my finances.    In the past, I made a long list of grocery items that we would need for the week based on four or five meals (one for each day with room for leftovers).  I previously believed that it is cheaper to shop for groceries for the month instead of “eating out” several times per week.  In hindsight, this belief likely led to food waste.  I thought about how many times I had to “clean out” the refrigerator, tossing unused vegetables, meat that had freezer burn, outdated  milk, milk that was no longer milk, etc. because we had not used the food items in a timely manner.   It was really more of a throwing away hoarded food as opposed to cleaning out.  Hoarding is an expression of the perception of lack, which is contrary to abundance.  Hoarding  in one area will manifest as lack in another, so it is very possible that hoarding in my kitchen was showing up as lack in my bank account.

This eventually led me to re-evaluate the products that I use around the house.    After doing some research, I realized that many of the chemicals in personal products and cleaning products are there to fill the need for more; more color, more suds, more smell, more shelf-life, more convenience.  Oh yea, and they cost more money too.  The addiction to more (especially more convenience in my case) had contributed to my perception of financial lack.  Money unfairly took the blame for my adherence to old paradigms.  I believe that money is a consciousness, so I think of money as a person.  Not many people will show up in your life if you falsely accuse them of something that they did not do, so now I can understand why money was not showing up for me.


Now that I am back working, I have continued to make more efficient purchases.  Once per week, I make cleaning supplies and personal care items for my family.  It is easy and cost effective and fun.  There are essential oils and herbs that can be purchased and utilized to get creative with aromas, textures and colors.  My son likes citrus scents and my daughter likes lavender and roses.  Imagine how much easier it is to get them to use their deodorant or moisturizer when it is made especially for them.  Imagine the love payment that I receive from them and the happiness that my soul experiences knowing that I made something for the people that I love.  It is priceless.

Pay Gratitude:

The revelation that I wasted a lot of time, money, food and creativity is another reason that I am grateful for the event that triggered my awakening.  Now instead of pouring my money into things that I eventually end up throwing away, I pour that money into myself, my family and my community.  What is even more amazing to me is that most of the things that I love to buy (essential oils, natural soaps, herbs, roses) are relatively inexpensive but extremely useful and long-lasting.  My love for shopping now has a meaning.  I am grateful that the Universe found a way to balance my human side (acquiring stuff) with my spiritual side (creating stuff) in a way that is meaningful and purposeful.



I love to share the things that I have made with my family and friends.  Even when I attempt to give some things away, people want to pay me for my creativity.  The point is, when you create something that comes from the soul that is made with love, the Universe supports you.  Your love is returned in the form of financial support.  Money is a form of love!  It feels amazing when people want to give you love (in the form of money) vs. having to ask for love (in the form of money) for the things that you have created.  It is a blessing indeed- it is a motivating force and the ultimate multiplier because love creates more love.  Namaste

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