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Essential-Personal Truth

The truth is a very personal event, yet for some reason we leave a lot of truth up to hearsay and to other people’s interpretations of hand-me-down information.  While some truths are necessary for the sake of a consistent society (ex. a chair is called a chair for  societal consistency), other truths deserve exploration and customization.   C.G. Jung wrote in his book The Undiscovered Self, “People measure their self-knowledge by what the average person in their social environment knows of himself, but not by the real psychic facts which are for the most part hidden from them.  What is commonly called ‘self-knowledge’ is therefore a very limited knowledge, most of it dependent on social factors of what goes on in the human psyche.”

Challenging one’s personal truth is hard work, but it is critical to authenticity.  No one wants to live a personal lie.  This is not to say that we were lied to per say; rather the truth as our leaders and ancestors knew it may not be what is best for us today.  Finding one’s personal truth may lead to broken relationships or disappointments.  This is okay.  It is hard and it may hurt, but it is okay.  Everyone is entitled to live their lives as they see fit and everyone is entitled to his or her own journey.  Being brave enough to own one’s own truth may spark another person to re-evaluate their own values and principles.  In other words, you may knowingly or unknowingly start a revolution because you are awesome.


The Universe always leaves breadcrumbs.  I for one became really good at pretending that I did not recognize the breadcrumbs until finally The Universe just balled up a whole peace of bread and threw it right at my forehead.  Here are some of the signs that you may need to pay attention to in order to avoid such a dramatic cosmic display:

  1. Your gut. Also known as the solar plexus area, your gut is a lie detector of sorts.  The solar plexus area wants us to feel significant; it wants to lead us to a place of truth, power and personal identity.   Those butterflies that you get when something is not quite right…pay attention to them.  They want you to follow them to the truth of the situation at hand.  Remember- your life journey is just as significant as anyone else’s.  Your truth comes from the same place that someone else’s truth comes from.  The truth comes from the soul; from your connection with your Spiritual source.  Blindly taking ownership of someone else’s truth can lead to a life of misery and confusion.  Finding and living your own truth can lead to spiritual awakening and internal bliss.
  2. Losing sleep.   For over 8 years, I took a prescribed sleep aide because I could not get a consistent 8 hours of sleep.  I would invariably wake up somewhere between Midnight and 2am and had a difficult time getting back to sleep.  Since I have stopped taking this medication, I sleep like a baby most nights.  The only thing that I did differently was following the journey to my personal truth.  I sat with all of the issues that I was having.  I got to the root of my own personal truths, and I decided that I would live within those truths regardless of how others felt about it.  It was not an overnight thing.  As a matter of fact, it took months and it was very emotional, and I would do it all again without a second thought.  In hindsight, all of those years of sleepless nights were signs that I just would not acknowledge.  The Universe wanted me to pay attention to the way I was living, which was mostly fictitious.  I was living to make my ego happy at the total expense of my very soul.   Now when I wake up during the night (which is not very often), I review any areas of my life that may need some attention.  I honor my personal truth.
  3.  Forgetfulness.  To count how many times I had to go back into the house because I forgot my whatever would be a complete waste of 2 weeks and 6 days.  I was constantly forgetting something, misplacing whatever or just completely unaware of why I was standing and breathing in a particular spot at a particular time.  This went on for more years than I care to recall.  The Universe will utilize any part of your being to get your attention.  For me personally, the course of waking me up started with intuitive hints and progressed to physical manifestations.  My recommendation would be to take the hints and not require progression to a full-blown crisis.
  4. Physical Illness:   You get the point.  Take care of whatever is bothering you before it gets this far.  Trust me on this one.

Pay gratitude:

I am grateful for free will.  Imagine living in a consciousness where you had no choices or no ability to think things through for yourself.  I am sure there may be some benefit to not having to think, but there is a definite benefit to being able to determine the truth for yourself.  The biggest benefit is the ability to be a creator.  Our greatest inventors and thought leaders went against the handed-down truth and discovered their own truths, thereby inspiring generations and changing the very course of history.  I am grateful for the Spiritual leaders who blazed their own trails; they inspired me to blaze my own trail of truth.  I am grateful for whoever invented laptops- they followed their own truth and expanded on existing technology.  I am grateful for the person who is reading this and considering determining and following their own personal truth.  Namaste.



Love allows.  It allows everyone to be free.  It allows everyone to think, to grow and to expand.  Love is not constricting or controlling.  Love loves personal truth and personal exploration.

I hope that we are all secure enough in ourselves and in our own truths to operate with love and compassion towards our fellow man and woman.  There is no need to try and control another person’s reality because control is not loving.  Control is based in fear, and fear is a signal that the truth needs to be discovered.  There is enough space in this beautiful Universe for everyone to explore and proclaim their own personal truth.  It is okay that we do not all believe the same things; we are a diverse population for a reason.

Love yourself enough to follow the path to your personal truth.  Love everyone else enough to allow them to follow their own paths.  It will all be okay.  Love always wins.


The Undiscovered Self by C.G. Jung

The Key To The Chakras from Root to Crown by Vicki Howie


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