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Essential-The Reset Button


Recently I wrote about the flood of creativity that has thankfully come my way.  In hindsight, I have always been involved in something creative; I’ve been involved in  furniture restoration, crafts and singing just to name a few.

The thing that is different this time is that I asked the Universe to align my creativity with my true life purpose.  I asked, and I received a wealth of creative options, all of which spoke to me in some way.  That’s the beautiful thing about the Universe…it provides you the answers without taking away your free will.  Of course the Universe knows what you really want, but it gives you the opportunity to explore your creativity and to ensure that you truly want what you have asked for.  It’s almost like one of those exams that you take in high-school, you get all stressed out about it and then find out that the grade does not  even count.  The importance is in the exploration of the topic, not in the final grade.




I am amazed at how things have come full-circle.  My true purpose and wish for my life is coming into fruition.  I feel it with certainty; it’s a feeling similar to when family is coming to town for the holidays.  You invited them so here they come.  I went on an adventure with my creativity; I explored all of my options, I wrote novels full of ideas and countless goal boards and vision boards.  It was an amazing experience and I learned so much.  The Universe even revealed a new gift to me that I did not even know I had; I am eternally thankful for how this gift has and will continue to enhance my ability to help others.

So much of what I have learned is coming with me on the next phase of my journey, but I also had to relinquish some of my ideas to the future.  It is as if I received an “all circuits are busy” message and I had no choice but to push the reset button.


Pay Gratitude:

I am grateful for the clarity that I receive during my meditations.  I prefer to accomplish all of the goals that I set, but the Universe gave me a clear message this morning that completing every single goal that I have set was not the challenge.  The challenge was to become mindful and to reengage in the excitement of life.  The message was “Only those who are striving towards something great have to push the reset button.”  I am grateful that the reset button is a sign of growth and maturity.  In order to achieve greatness, there first must be focus and clarity.  Knowing when to push reset requires trust and commitment to your truest life purpose.

I am grateful to have discovered the invaluable tool that is my purpose.  When things seem to become complicated; whenever I feel lost or overwhelmed, I refer to my life purpose.  Like a compass, my purpose will always point me in the right direction; it will always lead me home.  No matter how thick and treacherous the forest becomes, the compass remains faithful.  It is a true friend.



I love my new path, because now I am empowered to live my life on my own terms.  I do not compromise my purpose.  I always know how to reach my power source because it is located within me.  I am confident and free because of the consistency the Universe provides.  When I am living the values of my purpose, I feel infinitely supported.  I have everything that I need and abundance to share with others.

I love sharing this message with anyone who will listen because it saved my life.   I am no longer just getting by; I am thriving and excited about my life and my future.  I love that I am not perfect; imperfection allows me to dig deeper into the practice of unconditional love.  It allows me to look for new and innovative ways to create harmony and peace with others.  I love that the holidays do not stress me out because I have everything that I need on the inside.  I love that giving is greater than receiving.  I love that creativity is celebrated and rewarded in immeasurable ways when you live your true purpose.



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