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Essential-Financial Goals

I believe in setting goals because they are so important to a successful life.  Otherwise, we are just drifting along and letting things happen as they come.  Sometimes it feels good to free-style- it reminds me of being a kid in the summertime going on endless adventures.  Being exhausted from activities such as swimming in ponds, cookouts, playing with friends and  watching fireworks is exhilarating.   Eventually however, both being a kid and the summertime ends and reality kicks in, and it is  best to be prepared.


I personally have come to love setting goals, especially new moon goals.  I like setting aside time just for me, which is like finding a rare treasure considering the pace of today’s busy lifestyle.  This month I am planning to dig deeper; I am  setting financial goals for the next 5 years and setting goals to diversify my streams of income, which are important steps to fulfilling my dreams.  I am sure that many people have set financial goals, but this is a new area of growth for me.   I have also found that many women that I know fall into the same category of being less prepared financially than our male counterparts.  Being a single mom no longer works as an excuse; I have the responsibility of supporting myself and my children in the most efficient manner possible.

It’s funny how we fall into the habit of leaving our futures to paychecks,  PTO and 401k plans.  The biggest issue of working a full-time job as a sole method of income lies within the lack of freedom except on weekends and holidays (if you’re lucky).  Personal adventures and aspirations should not depend on the whims of a corporate manager who must consider the schedules of 20 other people before granting you your own freedom.  This idea seems absurd and antiquated; it is time that we take charge of our own happiness by developing a solid financial foundation that is not based on a corporate structure.

Pay Gratitude:

I am thankful to live in a time when there are so many opportunities to find and explore the treasures of life.  I am thankful for the ability to reflect upon and develop my natural talents which can generate independent streams of income.  I am also thankful for the digital information that is available at my fingertips.  There are so many inspirational and financial speakers on various social media platforms who challenge our paradigms regarding financial freedom and abundance.  I am grateful that my dreams of travel, of being more present in my community, of meeting new people and of giving my children an international education are  going to happen.


It is self-love that makes you realize that you have dreams that your soul wants to fulfill.  Remember that little girl who dreamed of living along sandy beaches and smelling the freshness of the ocean air?  What about the girl that fantasized about a summer romance in Spain?  It’s never too late to revisit the passions of life.   We deserve to experience various forms of love, such as the sound of laughter from happy  children, the love of strolling hand in hand thru a national park, the love of standing in the flow of a waterfall or the thrill of zip-lining thru the sky.

Make self-love an uncompromising goal.  This is where dreams begin.  Namaste.

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