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Essential- The Divine Universe

Sometimes the Universe reminds me of that extra pumped Little League Coach…she’s hyped and dammit you are about to be hyped too!  In the first 5 minutes of the first meeting, she’s calling roll, calling plays, passing out uniforms and team rosters, all while playing inspirational YouTube videos and giving out running high-fives and butt-pats.  Meanwhile, you’re 4 and a half and not even sure what sport you’re playing.


I love this about the Universe- she is our infinite source of support and motivation.  After years of living an uninspired life, I developed a loving and caring relationship with The Divine Universe.    I told  her all of my “secrets” and invited her into my life to guide me in the right direction of creative expression.

If I thought I would float away on a soft cloud of inspirational quotes, I quickly realized that this would not be the case.  My creativity is at an all-time high, so much so that I am constantly writing down ideas, then adding to them, then calling and recruiting people to help, then having video conferences and getting other people involved in their own creativity and building support systems.  It reminds me of that scene in the movie Armageddon, when they strike oil on the rig and the oil is shooting all over the place, covering the rig and the people in thick, silky black richness.

Pay gratitude:

I am grateful for my personal relationship with this Great and Divine Universe and for this new surge of creative energy.  It is not a cookie-cutter, one size fits all thing.  It is beautifully fluent; I can try new things and live a full life of curiosity and adventure and creativity.  I am not confined to one expression of creativity or one belief system.  I can study all different philosophies, I can like all different types of people and cultures.  I can keep the things that ring true and respectfully decline to let the things that do not ring true enter my system of consciousness.  I am grateful for the freedom and acceptance that the Universe provides.  I am grateful that I feel safe; that I am guided by the Universal language that we all speak; creativity, love, music, kindness, consideration, respect and free will.  I am grateful that I am guided  by the love of a zealous little-league coach who wants to see me live a full, creatively diverse and joyous life.


It is amazing how love works;  the more love you give, the more you receive.  It is impossible to out-love love, but that does not mean that I will not keep trying.  As long as my little-league Coach keeps giving me the plays to run and the equipment that I need to feed my creativity, I will continue to love.

It is my intention to squeeze every drop of love that I can from myself and spread it all over the world.  It is what I have come here to do; it is my purpose.  I want to see love win over everything.  I am a creative being with an infinite source of support- a gift that I will continue to share.  Namaste.

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