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Essential- Define yourself

It is amazing how far off track “life” will take you and finding your way back is not always easy.  There are some tools that I have used over the past few months to guide my steps into the right direction.   Now, instead of constantly listening to the reel of chatter that goes on in my brain, I listen to voices of wisdom that speak positivity and creativity.  Instead of talking all of the time, I listen thru daily meditation.  Instead of scrolling Facebook, I read actual books.  I am now able to define myself, which is essential.


Defining yourself is like going on a job interview- this is the time to shine! Tell about every great thing that there is about you.  If that great thing happened 29 years ago or 29 seconds ago…it all counts.  Breathe in all of the good things that you have created- a warm and welcoming home, beautiful children, a thriving business, a flower garden, a craft project- it all matters! .  Breathe in, visualize all of the positive karma that you have shared with the universe.  Breathe in all of the things that make you smile and that make you happy.  Let that happiness settle down into every single cell of your body.  You deserve it.

Pay Gratitude:

After listening to many motivational speakers and reading a few books, I decided to define myself by describing my mind, my body and my soul.  I had to do some digging to figure out how to define my soul, so you may have to conduct some research for yourself as this was the most challenging aspect for me.  Here are some of the things that I said about each part of who I am:

  • Mind- I think of others with kind thoughts.  I am aware of my thought trends and subsequent emotional responses.  I reflect with joy and seek ways to make things better the next time.  I think about my own thoughts to determine if they are logical and truthful.  I am smart and capable of thinking on complex matters and applying them to everyday life.
  • Body- My body is strong and resilient.  My abdomen wears the badges of strength, of motherhood and of continued life.  My arms give great hugs.
  • Soul- I am a universe within a universe.  I am a creator.  Every man/woman/child’s journey is sacred and my soul seeks to facilitate the growth of others.  My soul emits love and kindness; it requires nothing in return.  It receives joy from the growth and happiness of others.


Love yourself.  You are a person deserving of kindness.  If you do not see a problem with telling someone else to lay down and take a nap for example, then you should be okay with giving yourself that same permission with no guilt attached.

When I first started my awakening journey a few months ago, I sat down and listed over 100 things that made me happy, then I started doing them.  I started reading and writing again.  I went to a concert (and made 2 new friends).  I started listening to music more, spending more time with my kids and taking walks for gratitude’s sake.  I started to realize that I am not a plug in the machine- I am not a failure and definitely not a boss.  I am a beautiful individual woman with significant contributions to make to the universe.  I am a leader by example.  I get excited when I learn something new that I can pass along to others.  Get to know yourself- define yourself.  I guarantee that you are pretty amazing!


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