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Essential- Teachers

Yesterday I chaperoned a field trip for my 6 year old daughter’s class.   This was a brand new experience for me and it left me with one big question-  WHY?


What would make a sane individual with unlimited possibilities choose to become a teacher?  For the span of about 4 hours, I was in charge of 4 children (one of which was my own of course) and I had about 16 mini-breakdowns and two opened-eyed naps.  Please don’t get me wrong, we had a great time and they are great kids- it’s just that their energy is endless, they ask about 30 questions per second, someone always has to use the bathroom and their shoelaces are constantly untied and dragging the ground- and this was all before we even left the school.


Teachers- I have a newfound level of reverence for what you do each day.  (Seriously, why do you guys do this everyday?)  You have taught everyone everything.  More needs to be done to support teachers.  If you are a teacher and are reading this, please leave a comment and let me know what parents can do to help.  Until then, I appreciate each of you- Thank you!

Students- I am grateful for these courageous little people who handle the daily stress that comes with going to school.  Everything seems so big!  I am only about 5’3 but I felt like a giant next to these tiny warriors yet they do their best to follow grown-up rules, stay in line, stay quiet and stay still for long periods of time.  Hats off to the students for balancing individuality and learning with stringent rules- Thank you!


My daughter could have burst completely opened with pride and joy for having her mommy with her all day yesterday.  I took the opportunity to re-classify this event from a chore to an act of gratitude to the universe for giving me such a beautiful, smart, loving and kind little girl.  I love you sweetie.  Thank you for the opportunity to see things from your point of view.

Until next time- Namaste.

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